We are pleased to announce that on Monday 13th October, MacDermid Offshore Solutions purchased Niche Products and its parent company Subsea Fluid Technologies Ltd. The acquisition includes the complete line of Pelagic branded products including formulations and manufacturing processes. Offshore Environmental Oils Ltd and Subsea Fluid Services Ltd will continue to trade as normal. The outgoing Niche team will be assisting MacDermid with the integration of the brand until the end of 2014, thus ensuring a smooth transition of the business.

With immediate effect please direct all enquires relating to the purchase and support of Pelagic branded products to the relevant MacDermid Offshore Solutions facility below:

USA +1 800-521-2589
UK +44 (0) 1942 501000
Australia +61 3 9303 5150

If you have any questions please get in touch with MacDermid Offshore Solutions’
Vice President of Business Development Steve Racca (Tel: +1 713 472 5081, or Former Managing Director of Niche Products Peter Eccles (Tel: +44 1942 685652,

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Niche Products offer customers an comprehensive technical support service which extends to sending our subsea engineers offshore where necessary to conduct system flushing, train offshore engineers on fluid management and to troubleshoot fluid related issues in the field.


In addition, Niche Products has an outstanding office based technical support system at our Headquarters in Manchester and spend a great deal of time advising customers on the use and maintenance of our fluids in the field as well as offering support in many other areas as outlined on this site including:


Fluid Monitoring

Support Equipment

Material Testing

Equipment Qualification


Niche Products believes firmly that fluid maintenance and customer support is the key to the successful use of our pelagic grades in the field and we are totally committed to our customers by ensuring they get the very best technical advice and support that we can offer. You don’t just buy a product from Niche, you buy a fully committed supply partner who will stay with you and support your operations throughout our products lifetime.   Contact Us via our Global locations map or by email



Niche Products offers customers extensive support services in the field including the provision of equipment for measuring fluid condition in the field and also sample bottles for submitting regular samples to our laboratories for analysis.


On samples submitted for analysis, Niche Products conduct detailed QC on the received samples and upload a report onto our fluid monitoring web portal as well as sending to customers by email. This report covers detail on the fluid condition along with any remedial action necessary.


Our web portal includes a large amount of information and trend curves for each individual asset/rig along with links to technical datasheets, testing data and other relevant information. Customers with several assets/rigs using Pelagic fluids also have the option of having a central portal from where access to all rigs in the fleet can be enjoyed.


As part of this service, Niche supply modern and convenient equipment for offshore monitoring of fluid condition including refractometers (for assessing glycol concentration), conductivity meters (for assessing pot water quality and BOP Fluid concentration), titration kits, water hardness strips, sample bottles (both standard and NAS cleanliness bottles) and particle counters for monitoring fluid condition.


For further information please contact your nearest stockist via our Interactive Global locations map or email us.


Niche Products has a wealth of experience of providing support related equipment to customers using Pelagic fluids in both the drilling and production control markets and has a great track record over the last decade assisting customers in the field.


Drilling Market:


For the drilling market, particularly subsea BOP systems, Niche offers a range of re-circulation and filtration units for attachment to the mixed fluid tank, UV filtration units to treat potable water supply lines, pumps, and bespoke BOP and Glycol mix systems.


Production Market:


For the production market, particularly subsea control systems, Niche offers particle counters for measurement of cleanliness offshore (and onshore). These units are fully approved for use with Pelagic Control fluids and are available for purchase or rental.


For further information please contact your nearest stockist via our Interactive Global locations map or email us.

Our Core Business Pledge


To develop and supply environmentally superior subsea control fluids to the Offshore industry with NO compromise in technical performance.
Product Range


Our product range includes environmentally acceptable BOP and Subsea Production Control Fluids for all regions of the world including super environmentally sensitive areas such as the Barents/Beaufort Sea.
Subsea Control Fluids

Pelagic 100 is our mainstream high technology water based subsea production control fluid for temperatures up to 170°C. Click Here

Umbilical Storage Fluids
Pelagic MEG/Water blends are typically utilised in the flushing and storage of thermoplastic umbilicals as they contain no corrosion inhibitor package.    Click Here

Pelagic SST fluids are typically utilised in the flushing and storage of Steel line umbilicals and manifolds although the SST 10 series can also be used in storage of thermoplastic umbilicals due to its lower pH range.    Click Here
BOP Fluids
Pelagic 50 is our mainstream high performance BOP Fluid Concentrate for Semisubmersibles and Drillships.
Click Here

Pelagic V18 is our mainstream high performance Closed Loop BOP Fluid for Jackups and Barges.
Click Here
Pelagic Green Zone (PLONOR) Hydraulic Fluids
Niche Products has been providing PLONOR hydraulic fluids for use In the Norwegian Sector of the Barents Sea for many years.

The Barents Sea Region requires that if a product is to be permitted for discharge then it must contain only chemicals from the PLONOR list (Poses Little Or NO Risk to the marine environment). Click Here
1 Litre of hydraulic fluid = 1 Litre of Drinking Water

For every litre of hydraulic fluid produced by Niche Products, the company pledges to donate the technology necessary to provide 1 litre of acceptable drinking water to people living in developing countries
On the 21st April 2012, the Queen’s Birthday, Niche products were granted the Queens Award for Enterprise : Innovation 2012.
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