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Welcome to the Subsea Fluids Group where we offer a range of hydraulic fluids, bespoke production chemicals and testing services to the Oil and Gas Industry worldwide.


Offshore Environmental Oils Ltd

Offshore Environmental Oils Ltd (OEO) supplies environmentally superior oils, suitable for use worldwide in both subsea and topside application. Rigorous qualification and testing is at the heart of what we do at OEO, and we work with operators and equipment manufacturers to ensure maximum product reliability and efficiency in the field. We support our customers by offering experts both on and offshore and back this up with user friendly databases and extensive material testing protocols.

OEO also offers a range of bespoke production chemical packages incorporating dyes, corrosion inhibitors, lubricants, well injection chemicals and a host of other chemistry.

Subsea Fluid Services Ltd

Subsea Fluid Services Ltd (SFS) offers independent fluid related testing, qualification and consultancy services to the Oil and Gas Industry. Testing available includes DCV's, Pumps, Umbilicals (both thermoplastic and steel tube), DHSV's, Tribology (including 4 ball and falex) and a host of other chemical and material compatibility services related to the Oil and Gas industry.


Niche Products Ltd

Niche Products Ltd supplies water based subsea control fluids to the industry and was recently sold to MacDermid Offshore Solutions. A press release is available here and the main website can be accessed below or by clicking Here.

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Independent, fluid related testing, qualification and consultancy services to the oil and gas industry.
Environmental oil subsea and topside fluids for the offshore market.
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Water Based subsea fluids for the offshore production and drilling industries.
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